How to clean up disk space if after deleting a file disk space is not released - interactive bash script

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How to install Sentry on Centos 7

In this manual we will tell you how to install Sentry on Centos 7, and do it quickly, correctly and reliably. In addition, we will prepare the configuration for Supervisor, with which we will manage the main Sentry services.

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How to Install and configure Squid proxy in one click

Proxies and VPNs at the current stage of Internet development have become a necessary tool for almost every user. Improving security, bypassing website blocking and restrictions are some of the main advantages of using proxy services. Someone prefers to buy ready-made solutions, while someone implements their own due to the wide variety of opensource products.

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Recovering corrupted mysql innodb database from files on Centos 7

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How to install the latest version of haproxy on centos 7

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How to set up MySQL database backups quickly, safely and reliably

All owners of MySQL databases are familiar with the problem of daily backups. It is important not only to have a consistent copy of all the necessary databases, but also to backup at a given time, without creating an increased load on the working architecture, without locks and errors. To achieve the desired results, a utility called MyDumper is suitable.

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How to get a wildcard SSL certificate with letsencrypt and cloudflare on Centos 7

Let's consider obtaining an SSL certificate for a domain and all subdomains through DNS validation using CloudFlare as one of the most popular DNS services

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How to configure SPF, DKIM, DMARC + TLS on Postfix Centos 7

In order to maximize the delivery of your mailing lists, you must fulfill all the requirements and conditions of the mail services, as well as configure all the necessary set of keys, records and settings on your mail server.

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